A loyal readership

Our readers are discerning: They aren’t looking for click-bait or viral fads; they’re in search of quality content that speaks to their unique interests and needs. That’s where we step in. Leveraging our technology advantage, we’re pre-empting readers’ needs and serving up the content they want most, so they come back again and again.

What readers want?

So, what do readers actually want? With our limited time and waning online attention spans, readers want facts—and fast. So, we publish fact-driven content, from the entertaining to the educational, serving up the information readers want and need—without the fluff.

Nurturing lasting relationships

In order stay relevant to our readers, we know content has to be more dynamic and intelligent than ever before—and technology is the key. Utilizing chatbots, we’ve gotten ahead of the curve, serving users with the specific content they’re seeking (without all the searching).

What’s a chatbot?

Our automated chatbots mimic human interaction, sending personalized content directly to our readers via Facebook Messenger. Because Messenger is a native app, our readers get notifications straight to their devices when we’ve got new, relevant content for them. It’s the most instant, engaging relationship you can nurture between digital content and its audiences.

Join our team

From developers to marketers, we’re always looking for tech-savvy players to join our team.