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With a dedicated team of over 75 writers, editors and marketers, we’re experts in our respective fields because we know you can’t fake knowledge. Even our health giant, Facty, is vetted by an experienced team of medical professionals so you can rely on every word we publish.

The Brands

High-intent verticals

Every article we publish fulfills a bigger vision: To build a premier media group on the influence of high-intent verticals. Readers get the content they need (when they need it) to inform their decisions, whether it’s how to nip a flu in the bud or where to grab a bite to eat abroad.

Facty Health

Your mind, body, health, explained.

With 24+ million readers per month, Facty has landed a coveted spot as North America’s 11th largest online health reference. It’s a source for all-things-health, from the latest medical research to lifestyle tips you can actually rely on.


What do you know about _______?

Created for the trivia fanatic, Heywise quizzes over a million readers per month across all of their favourite categories, testing their knowledge on food, entertainment, sports, history—even animals. Trivial Pursuit just became a cakewalk.


For the love of driving.

Created for the car aficionado, Automaatic keeps half a million readers in the know on all-things-automobiles every month. Whether their engines are revving for speed or comparisons on the latest commuter models, we personalize content to them.

Coming Soon: The Getaway

Where do you want to explore?

Poised to launch in late 2019, The Getaway is for the casual traveller and travel junkie alike. It serves up inspiration and insights on your upcoming (and dream) destinations, from where to eat and what to do to practical travel tips.

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