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Technology-driven digital publishing

Digital disruption has turned industries on their heads—but few have felt its effects as intimately as the media and publishing sector. We knew the future of content would be online and contingent on intelligent technology to survive. So, we created the technology to support that future.

Meet The Technology

We live in a world where the fastest content wins—so we aren’t wasting any time pushing posts live, thanks to our headless content management system, Platform IO.

Platform IO makes content accessible from any device, platform or technology—even archaic operating systems. Compared to a traditional CMS, Platform IO only has one job: Storing and delivering content to our readers wherever they are, however they consume it, and fast. It bridges the gap between a traditional CMS and the cloud’s lightning speed, so we can seamlessly handle millions of visitors every day (and millions more as we scale).

platform platform

We originally built Statera to understand the value of a reader in real-time. Looking to a future without cookies, Statera’s insights will redefine how we advertise.

Built in-house, Statera collects and analyzes billions of data points to identify the shared characteristics of high-value readers—the ones who engage with publishers and convert from one-off visitors to loyal readers. Thanks to Statera, we are retraining the machine-learning systems of marketing platforms like Facebook and Google to automate ad placement based on this real-time reader behaviour—which means more relevant content for readers and more revenue for advertisers.

statera statera

Output is the ad operations technology that connects our publishing stack of five brands (and counting) to thousands of advertisers.

Our programmatic infrastructure, Output implements cutting-edge bidding technology with our data analytics technology, Statera. Together, these sophisticated toolsets optimize across layouts, domains, devices, GEOs and various data points.

output output

What gives us a competitive edge? Knowing what content performs best. Enter, Proof: Our split-testing technology for higher-performing content.

We wouldn’t be serving our advertisers well if we weren’t continuously optimizing our readers’ content experience. Leveraging data insights, we can split test two or more variants and learn which makes readers happier (and advertisers more money). Unlike your standard A/B testing, which typically flashes users a glimpse of the original content, Proof delivers split tests at the edge of the network (or the user’s device itself) for a seamless experience.

proof proof

Unstoppable growth

Since implementing Statera in 2017, we’ve grown our distribution across publishing brands, which is mirrored in our advertisers’ growth, too.

The future of digital publishing

The future of digital publishing is dependent on our ability to anticipate readers’ needs. With software engineers at our fingertips, we’re leading the development and integration of innovative technology within our publishing stack, gaining insights on our readers’ behaviours and informing our next moves.

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