Leveraging intelligent technology

Digital disruption has turned industries on their heads—but few have felt its effects as intimately as the media and publishing sector. We knew the future of content would be online and contingent on intelligent technology to survive. So, we created the technology to support that future.

Meet Statera

Built in-house, Statera is the technology that optimizes our ad placements. It retrains the machine-learning systems of marketing platforms like Facebook and Google to automate ad placement based on real-time reader behaviour, which means more relevant content for readers and more revenue for advertisers.

How It Works

Higher-value readers

Statera collects insights to identify the shared characteristics of high-value readers—the ones who engage with our brands and convert from one-off visitors to loyal readers.

Super-scaled revenue

Providing reader insights to platforms like Facebook and Google, their machine-learning systems automatically optimize our ad placements so we can drive scaled visitor numbers and advertisers get more out of their ad spend.

Unstoppable growth

Since implementing Statera in 2017, we’ve grown our audiences across all of our brands, which is mirrored in our advertisers’ growth, too.

The future of digital publishing

To future-proof our growth, we’re engaging our audiences with chatbots. Mimicking an authentic human interaction, our chatbots send personalized content directly to our readers via Facebook Messenger. It’s the most instant, engaging relationship you can nurture between digital content and its readership, and it’s the future of digital publishing.

Join our team

From developers to marketers, we’re always looking for tech-savvy players to join our team.